“Paula’s communication skills are excellent.”


“I advocate Paula…ten times over! She is amazing! If it wasn’t for Paula…I would not be the speaker I am today…she is the real deal!”

Stephanie U.

“This is the best Communication Training I’ve ever attended”


“As a result of my coaching with Paula, my friends say I have completely turned my life around. Paula is helping me to become the leader I want to be. My advice is to beg, steal, or borrow to work with her!” – Janice H., HR Professional

Janice H.

“Coaching with Paula has given me the ability to connect with those aspects of myself: intuition, creativity, and feelings that had somehow been lost over the last 20 years of being wife and mother. I have taken away on many occasions, a will to keep up the good fight of finding me and what I am about and need.” – Tammy K., Singer/Teacher

Tammy K.

“Paula is a brilliant coach who has helped me clear so much energy to streamline and bring success in. She’s great at making a game plan for having a big career — and a big life. I sincerely attribute all of the forward motion to our work together. She is truly gifted.” – A.T., Writer/Actor


“At the time I was looking for a coach, Paula had a 2 month waiting list. I had sample sessions with 2 other coaches, and they might have worked fine if I hadn’t already had a sample session with Paula that was so helpful. She ruined me for other coaches. I decided to wait until she had openings in her practice, and I am SO glad that I did. I can’t imagine using any other coach.” – J.K., Product Manager


“Paula has helped both my husband and me transform our careers into fulfilling experiences which gives us a deep sense of hope and happiness that we are grateful for every day.” – L.H., User Experience Manager


“Every time I don’t think the coaching can get any better, we hit a new level.” – Greg B., Entrepreneur

Greg B.

“My coaching sessions have been tremendously helpful in terms of helping me build up my self esteem. I feel so equipped to handle so many challenging situations thanks to Paula. In addition, I have been able to better handle my emotions.” – Julia K., Teacher/Poet

Julia K.

“Paula is almost psychic! She is very skillful in pulling the gold out of me. Things I never even knew were gifts. She understands the human condition and how to work with its challenges. She is intelligent, knows how to listen and how to motivate. I have discovered so much about myself because of her; all the things that were there and I just never saw.” – S.N.K., Actor


“Since working with Paula, I’ve developed a natural inner confidence—it’s not something I have to effort or pump myself up about. There’s ease… I’m on the right track, things are working out…it’s really incredible.” – Greg W., actor

Greg W.

“Since we first began talking, I have made huge strides in the area of confidence, and the feeling is becoming more natural and regular for me.” – Stacy B., Singer/Songwriter

Stacy B.

“…with Paula’s coaching I have found myself exploring and pursuing areas in my life I never would have considered when we started. It has changed my outlook about what is possible in my life. The changes in my perspective have made me feel true to myself and happier about my future. She is very intelligent, insightful, an excellent listener and kind & supportive without ever compromising the truth.” – Sue C., CPA

Sue C.

“I have been coaching with Paula about 10 months and my life has soared to new heights that are unimaginable. It is hard to even remember who I was before, and it’s exciting to think of where I still have to go in this life. I won’t play small anymore.” – Deb R, nurse, Life Coach

Deb R.

“By the end of each session I feel completely motivated, capable and excited to continue my day. I am blown away by the whole experience, I’m getting so much out it and it is well beyond my expectations.” – Natasha S., Professional Singer/Songwriter

Natasha S.

“This is the best time and the best money I think I have ever spent. When I leave [our sessions], I feel like I can fly.” – Sonja W., Entrepreneur

Sonja W.