I began delivering workshops and trainings when working with Employee Assistance Programs 15 years ago and have delivered hundreds of trainings over this time frame.  My offerings are wide-ranging, from one-hour lunch and learn trainings, to full day sessions, and include well over 40 topics, from stress management to change to presentation skills to leadership development and beyond. My biggest gift as a trainer, I feel, is a connected interaction with every single audience and a gift for leaving every group, regardless of size or topic, powerfully inspired. My goal is to make every training educational, engaging, funny, inspirational and powerful.

Some of the many companies I have provided webinars or in-person trainings for:

Coors, Boulder Community Hospital, City of Englewood, Arapahoe Library District, Agilent Technologies, RTD, Time Warner Cable, Aetna, BCBS, Magellan, Good Samaritan Hospital, Children’s Hospital, City of Seattle, Keypoint Government Solutions, Lincoln Financial Group, Nevada Pool Pact, Federal Aviation Administration, King County Library, City of Westminster.

My unique and interactive methods will deliver results that your group will be talking about (and utilizing) for months.

I can also customize my training programs to meet your specific needs today.

What people have said…

“One of the best trainings in which I’ve participated.”


“Amazing presentation! Truly a Life Skills Class. My entire department could greatly benefit from this presentation.”


“This was by far the best training class out of all the in-service classes over the last two days; specifically because of the instructor. She made me want to change”


“Paula gave a spectacular presentation on “fear of public speaking” which had us all nodding, agreeing, learning…in short enthralled.”


“Paula is an excellent trainer. Her sense of humor and sharing of personal experiences made her training “come alive”.”


“Very, very interesting. New insight on ways to approach subjects and problems.”


“Thank you, this was a fantastic refresher for me.”


“This was excellent. One of the Best trainings I have had in a long time.”


“This was a great ‘lift you up’ and put you back on the right track presentation. Loved every moment.”


“This is the best Communication Training I’ve ever attended”


“Instructor did a good job presenting in an enthusiastic, interesting manner.”


“I advocate Paula…ten times over! She is amazing! If it wasn’t for Paula…I would not be the speaker I am today…she is the real deal!”

Stephanie U.


I deliver keynotes on a variety of topics including:

  • The Honor of Aging
  • The Alchemy of Empathy
  • The Power of True Voice

Contact me for more information and additional speech topics.

Empower your voice and inspire!

“Is life not a hundred times too short for us to stifle ourselves?”

– Nietzsche